A bunch of curious minds, coming together
to solve the evolving communication challenges
of the modern age.

Omni-channel specialists...

Digital, Print, TV, On-ground… If it’s effective for your business, we’ll get it done.
That’s how an Integrated Agency works.

Decisions, Decisions...

With change happening so rapidly, a proven leader like Tahsin makes a huge difference.
Our CEO has over 15 years of industry experience

Why settle for pretty...

When you can be gorgeously, award-winningly effective?
Shafiq, our Chief Creative Officer, delivers exactly that

Getting things done right...

is a whole other ball-game. Our COO Drabir knows exactly how to motivate the team.
Learn more about our Chief Operating Officer

We’re watching you...

Because Kaisar, our analytics guy, said we should.
Learn more about our Manager of Media & Analytics

Don’t always play to win...

Unless you’re playing FIFA against Sidrat. In which case, don’t even bother trying.
Learn more about our Director of Innovation

If it’s on a Map...

You know there’s treasure to be found.
Find the X

Awesome things are built...

One block, pixel, or line of code at a time.
Yes, this website is a work-in-progress. :)





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